Kit No.4809 BAC TSR-2 (Tactical Strike Reconnaissance Aircraft)

TSR top view

TSR side view

 TSR rear top view

In 1957, to replace the RAF's Canberra jet bomber, a super sonic tactical strike & reconnaisance aircraft development was started.
At the time it was designed to be capable of far advanced specifications, such as maximum speed of mach 2.75 and low altitude super sonic crusing with nuclear warheads, long range of 1850km without refueling, STOL from a rough surface runway, advanced rador systems.
the aircraft was called TSR-2.

The TSR-2 made her maiden flight succesfully with Bristol Olympus 22R jet engines on 7th. September 1964.
Initial test flights showed the aircraft's great performance. However, the new Labour goverment did not like its awfully expensive development costs, and axed the project in April 1965.

Instead of the beautiful TSR-2, the RAF was promised to be equipped with 55 of American F111s. But this was also cancelled, and at the end, alas, they finished up with NAVY's un-atractive Buccaneers.

It saved some money for the Labour goverment's budget, but ruined the capability of the British aircraft industry to develop a super sonic aircraft on thier own to date.

Span : 11.28m (37ft)
Length : 27.13m (89ft)
Max speed : over mach 2
Engine : 2 x Bristol Olympus


The kit is an accurate replica of the TSR-2 (XR220) displayed in the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford, England.

The assembled model is 57cm, nearly 2 feet long.
Though the size of the kit, the parts arrangement is simple and easy for the assembly.

The fuselage parts are splited into front and rear halves.
The large delta wing is one piece and is designed to sit on the fuselage accurately. It requires almost no filler.
The characteristic and complicated landing gears come as precise whitemetal parts..


The quality silk screen decal sheet comes with lots of stencills which we have measured at the RAF museum, very authentic.

33 Vacu-form parts on 4 sheets
56 Precision white metal parts
Crystal clear canopy with a spare
Silk screen decals for XR219 & XR220
Retail price (Japanese Yen)  JPY9,500


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