Kit No.4805  

Gloster JAVELIN FAW-9 top side view


Gloster JAVELIN FAW-9 side view




31x Vacu-formed parts
45 x White Metal parts
( inc. 4 x FireStreak missiles )
Crystal Clear Canopy with a spare
Etched Brass missile fins and Vortex generators
Large fine decal sheet with 4 versions
Retail price (Japanese yen)  JPY7,200
Discontinued due to decal and brass parts shortage.

February 1948, the Air Ministry issued specification F4/48 for the all weather day and night fighter.
Gloster and De havilland were both awarded a contract to build prototypes for evaluation in April 1949.

Gloster's proposed design was delta winged GA-5. Its characteristic design was benefitted with a high speed capability of swept wing and a greater structural strength. A tail plane was added to improve the manoeuvrability for attack and landing.

On 26 November 1951, the GA-5 made its first flight.
It was 2 month behind the rival De havilland DH-110 which was later developed into the Sea Vixen for the Royal Navy.
Eventually on 7 July 1952 the GA-5 was ordered for the RAF and named Javelin.

Including 7 prototypes, total 436 Javelins were produced and equipped 14 RAF fighter squadrons.
The last Javelin left No.60 squadron on 30 April 1968.
THe final flight of Javelin was made by red and white FAW-9 chase plane XH897 which joined the Imperial War Museum collection at Duxford.

Span : 15.87m (52ft)
Length : 17.17m (56ft 3in)
Max weight : 19.480kg (43,000lb)
Engine : 2 x Armstrong Siddley Saphire 7R
Static thrust : 5,560kg (12,300lb) each
Max Speed : Mach 0.94 (1,130kmph, 709mph)
Service ceiling : 16,000m 852,500ft)

The kit comes with our standard precision white metal detail parts plus a set of etched brass parts.

FireStreak missile fuselages are white metal and fins are etched brass.

The characteristic wing top vortex generators come as etched brass parts. They are designed to be spiked into 0.5mm holes. Push-fit, no glue required.
For the roundels, apply decals first, fit the generators, then touch-up paint.
Easy, simple, and great result.

Many modellers have won international competition prizes with the Javelin kits.



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