De Havilland SEA VIXEN FAW-2
Kit No.4803  
De Havilland SEA VIXEN FAW-2

De Havilland SEA VIXEN FAW-2 top view


De Havilland SEA VIXEN FAW-2 bottom view


25 x Vacu-formed parts (inc. 2 x drop tanks)
38 white metal parts
(inc. 4x Red Top missiles)
Crystal clear canopies with a set of spares
Decals for 3 versions
Retail Price (Japanese Yen)    JPY6,500

The De Havilland Sea Vixen is a versatile all-weather aircraft designed from the outset as an integrated weapon system. It can be equiped with guided weapons, bombs, rockets and other underwing stores to fulfil a wide variety of missions in all weathers.

The Sea Vixen first frew in prototype form on 26th September 1951 and was followed by a second prototype in July 1952. Both p;anes went through a long series of test flights, including flying faster than sound in shallow dives.

The Sea Vixen FAW-1 was introduced to the Royla Navy Fleet Air Arm in November 1957 and the first operational Squadron 892 was commisioned on 2nd July 1959. The Sea Vixen FAW-2 with increased fuel in the lengthened twin booms was introduced in 1962.

Squadron 899 was the last of the Sea Vixen squadrons and was disbanded in January 1972. Some of their aircraft were thereafter cnverted into the Sea Vixen D3 un-manned target drones.

119 of the FAW-1 type were produced, and 67 of them were later converted to FAW-2. 29 of FAW-2 were produced as brand new planes. 11 of them were later believed to be converted to D-3 drones.

Span : 15.24m (50ft)
Length : 16.15m (53ft)
Weight (full load) : 20,470kg (45,123lb)
Max speed : 1,040kmph (650mph)
Service ceiling : 14,600m (48,000ft)
Engine : 2x Rolls Royce Avon Mk208
Static thrust : 2x 5,130kg (11,250lb)

The Dynavector 1/48 scale kit represents tne Sea Vixen FAW-2 and the D3 drone with its distinctive colour scheme.

The kit comes with 25 vacuum formed parts in 2 sheets of 1.0mm thick Styrene plastic, 38 white metal parts with 4x Red Top missiles, and a decal sheet for 3 versions.

More than 2000 Sea Vixen kits have been so far produced. Many modellers have got their prizes with the kits in model competetions worldwide.

There might be some detail parts available. Skywave's Wing fold kit from Hannant (UK) and Resin intakes from Cooper Detail (USA)


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