Fairey GANNET AS-1
Kit No.4801 (No decal sheet)
 Fairey GANNET AS-1

Fairey GANNET AS-1 rear side view


Fairey GANNET AS-1 bottom view

33 x Vacu-formed parts
44 x White metal parts
Clystal clear canpies with a spare set
Decals for 3 versions (Decals out of stock)
Retail price (Japanese Yen)
JPY 5,500 (Due to No decal, was 6,500 yen)

The Fairey Gannet was a carrier based anti-submarine strike aircraft.
Gannet was the first propellor-turbine powered aircraft to make a deck landing.

The first production Gannet AS-1 made its initial flight on 9th June 1953, powered by an Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba 100 engine.

The T-2 trainer developed from the AS-1 and fitted with dual controls, commenced production in February 1955.

The AS-4 with uprated Double Mamba engine (3,050hp) was first delivered in July 1956 and in this same year the German Federal Repubric's Kreigsmarine ordered 15 AS-4 and a T-2 trainer aircraft.

It saw srvice with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arms, the Rayal Australian Navy, the West German Navy, and the Indonesian Navy.

The Gannet was later developed to an Airborne Early Warner aircraft the AEW, and in servive until 1978.

There are some well preserved airframes displayed in museums in England such as Duxford Imperial War Museum, Yeovilton Fleet Air Airms Museum etc.





Span : 16.56m (54.3ft)
Length : 13.11m (43ft)
Empty weight : 6.382kg (14,000lb)
Loaded weight : 10,636kg (23,400lb)
Max speed :482kmph (299mph)
Service ceiling : 7,620m (25,000ft)
Range : 1,065km (622miles)

The kit was based on the measurment of the Gannet displayed in the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.
This kit is probably the most accurate Gannet kit ever produced.


The propellors, nose intakes, and cockpit are made by white metal.
The model stands without any balance weight nor support

Wing fold detail parts might still be available from Hannants (UK) Airwave (former ED Models's range).


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